CDFIs, community lenders, and other nonprofit organizations play a critical role in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country get over the hurdles on the path to the American Dream. The TILT Forward Initiative is designed to benefit those organizations and their clients in a variety of ways.


How does TFI add value for your nonprofit?


Benefits your clients

  • Expands your product portfolio. As a TFI participant, you’ll have access to proven products and services which will allow you to better serve existing clients and reach new ones.

  • Offer proven products at a lower cost. Through our network of partners, licensed products and services are available to your clients at rates lower than they would otherwise be outside of our network.

  • Retain control over client relationships. Our goal is to help you help them.



Improves your bottom line

  • No upfront investment. Fees are low and per customer.

  • Earn additional income without incremental investment. Overhead costs are the bane of CDFIs and other nonprofits across the country. TFI offers you a way to help offset them. This is possible due to our partnership with DreamFund.

  • Use scarce operating dollars more efficiently. The products and services offered through TFI are designed to be extremely low maintenance so you can focus on the customers who need the most help.



Brings happiness, not headaches

  • Easy to integrate into current operations. Joining TFI is designed to make the lives of your already-overburdened management and staff easier, not more complicated.

  • TFI is a turnkey reporting solution. This means you can easily track and measure applications, portfolio performance, operations, and impact (financial & social) to ensure continuous improvement and attract investment.

  • Reduce the risk of your overall portfolio. Again, this is possible through our partnership with DreamFund.


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