Presenting Partners

Association for Enterprise Opportunity

AEO is the national trade association for microbusiness and microfinance in the United States. Its 400-plus member and partner organizations provide training and resources to entrepreneurs across the United States. AEO’s TILT Forward Initiative has dual priorities: move capital to every Main Street and ensure that mission-focused lenders and business development service providers are equipped with products, services and resources to meet the needs of more entrepreneurs in their communities. Learn more about AEO: http://www.aeoworks.org

Sam's Club Giving Program

Sam’s Club, the nation’s eighth largest retailer and a leading U.S. membership club, offers savings and surprises to millions of members in 649 U.S. club locations and at SamsClub.com. The Sam’s Club Giving Program, established by the Walmart Foundation in 2008, has granted $18 million to date in support of micro- and small business prosperity, economic mobility and opportunity. For more information on national or local giving by Sam’s Club or the Sam’s Club Giving Program, visit http://www.SamsClub.com/giving.


Capital Solutions Partners

DreamFund expands credit to Main Street and microbusinesses by making a wide array of government and philanthropic loan support programs easy for lenders to access and leverage. It acts as a clearinghouse through which loans originated by select non-profit community lenders, banks, credit unions and alternative lenders are matched to the government, philanthropic, and private sector programs for which they qualify.  Learn more about DreamFund: http://www.dreamfund.us


Distribution and Network Partners

Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs

ACE is a nonprofit organization that provides loans to start and grow businesses in Georgia. Between 2000 and 2013, ACE made more than $21 million in loans and created or retained more than 3,400 jobs. ACE also offers its borrowers business development resources and, in 2008, created Georgia Green Loans to serve green businesses and those seeking to develop sustainable business practices. Learn more at www.aceloans.org


The Business Center for New Americans (BCNA) creates a pathway to self-sufficiency for immigrants, refugees, women and other New Yorkers by providing access to capital, business training, technical assistance and personalized coaching. Since its founding in 1998, BCNA has disbursed more than 2,569 loans worth $16 million and helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs start, strengthen or expand small businesses in New York City. Learn more at www.nybcna.org

Carolina Small Business Development Fund provides small business loans and business services to start-ups and existing businesses in North Carolina. As a statewide nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), we are passionate about supporting small businesses in underserved areas. Our mission is to foster economic development by providing capital, business services, and policy research to support small businesses. We support communities by helping entrepreneurs build the businesses of their dreams. We help small businesses succeed by supporting them in four ways: as a partner of small businesses in the Carolinas, an accessible funding resource, a trusted business guide, and a small business advocate.


City First Enterprises is a nonprofit bank holding company and an incubator of social finance solutions located in Washington, DC, that promotes social justice by increasing economic access and expanding opportunity for low-wealth communities. City First provides a variety of small business loans to start-up and growing businesses alike.



ECDC Enterprise Development Group (EDG) is a SBA Microloan Program Intermediary and non-profit. EDG offers microenterprise term loans ranging from $500 up to $50,000 generally for entrepreneurs and small business owners, who are seeking to start, sustain, or expand a business. EDG provides loans throughout the Washington, DC, N. Virginia and Baltimore metropolitan areas. ECDC, EDG’s parent, set up the loan program in 1992 and incorporated EDG in 2001. Annually, EDG currently makes just over $2 million in small business loans and about $200,000 in consumer loans. Learn more at www.EntDevGroup.org


The Intersect Fund (IF) is a rapidly growing, nonprofit microlender and a certified Community Development Financial Institution that equips entrepreneurs in low-income areas of New Jersey with the skills and capital they need to build profitable businesses. Founded in 2008, it has provided business training, coaching, and microloans to over 500 low-income, minority, and women business owners throughout New Jersey. Learn more at www.intersectfund.org

Justine Petersen

Justine PETERSEN is a not-for-profit lender with a proven track record of helping local small businesses that are overlooked by mainstream financial institutions to access safe and affordable capital. Since 1997 when it was founded, Justine PETERSEN has originated more than $12 million in loans to more than 2,400 St. Louis-based businesses. Learn more at www.justinepetersen.org.


For over twenty years, LiftFund (formerly Accion Texas, Inc.) has provided millions of dollars in microloans and other small business loans to deserving entrepreneurs. LiftFund is a non-profit organization that helps small business owners with limited access to capital have a chance to live their dreams. The organization provides small business loans and microloans for women, startups, and entrepreneurs in Texas and throughout the South Eastern USA. Learn more at www.liftfund.com.

PeopleFund creates economic opportunity and financial stability for underserved people by providing access to capital, education, and resources to build healthy small businesses. Our goal is to give people the chance to turn their talents into a sustainable livelihood and achieve financial stability for themselves and their families. We inspire, educate, fund, and elevate clients on the path to prosperity and the American Dream. PeopleFund focuses on diverse entrepreneurs throughout Texas, including women, veterans, minorities, and businesses operating in low income areas. Learn more at peoplefund.org.

Wacif is a nonprofit community loan fund dedicated to supporting underserved communities by providing flexible loans, consulting and training workshops to community-minded entrepreneurs committed to starting and building locally-owned small businesses and organizations.

Working Solutions Logo

Working Solutions is a nonprofit that provides not only low-interest microloans, but also extensive business consulting to clients. Working Solutions helps local small business owners thrive by providing a unique blend of low-interest loans and business assistance throughout the Bay Area. The organization also invests in community development on a broader scale, and works to revitalize low-income areas by working with clients in parts of the Bay Area that are historically underfunded. Working Solutions provides microloans of $5,000-$50,000 to start-up and existing businesses at very low interest rates (0-10%), and will only work with businesses that have been denied for a conventional bank loan. Learn more at www.workingsolutions.org


Product and Service Partners


OnDeck Capital is a technology partner of AEO’s TILT Forward Initiative.  OnDeck’s proprietary platform efficiently identifies creditworthy small businesses that have long been overlooked by mainstream methods. On its own, OnDeck has delivered more than $1 billion to Main Street businesses since 2007. By partnering with AEO’s TILT Forward Initiative, OnDeck is extending its world-class data analytics and loan process automation to mission-focused lenders across the United States.

Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF), a non-profit organization and certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), is a national leader in bringing capital to underserved small businesses. Founded in 1988, CRF has injected more than $2 billion into low-income and economically disadvantaged communities across the country to help stimulate job creation and economic development, provide affordable housing, and support community facilities. For more information, visit www.crfusa.com.

Connect2Capital is an online small business lending platform developed by Community Reinvestment Fund, USA (CRF), a national, non-profit community lender based in Minneapolis. Connect2Capital provides small business loans ranging from $50,000 – $4 million for: equipment, real estate, permanent working capital, leasehold improvements and refinancing existing debt. For more information or to prequalify for a small business loan, visit www.connect2capital.com.


Kiva Zip

Kiva Zip is an online lending platform whereby any person from anywhere in the world can make microfinance loans directly to borrowers in the US via the Internet. Kiva Zip was launched as a pilot in November 2011, and moved into Alpha testing phase in September 2012.


MicroMentor is a free business mentor service for entrepreneurs and a rewarding volunteer opportunity for business professionals. MicroMentor’s mission is to help small businesses grow faster, generate more revenue, and employ more people. MicroMentor makes it easy to find a mentor, be a mentor, and build a business.